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Wood Processing

Wood manufacturing operations have many different wood working machines such as saws, routers, shapers, planers, sanders and wood hogs.  It is not uncommon for a furniture plant to have 40 – 50 different wood working machines and air volume requirements above 100,000 cfm.

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Often, these systems are split into smaller dust systems. This is especially  if there is a division of a “rough” end and “finish” end where both operations are not always running at the same time.

The MCF PowerSaver is the solution for this type operation.  It’s the most energy efficient filter on the market today, and serves well in cold climates because the MCF does not use compressed air.

MCF Filter Data Sheet

It is important to consider the dust in furniture manufacturing plants is varied, and sander dust is much more explosive and finer than sawdust. Our engineers can help you properly size your system. We’ll carefully review your air to media, bag spacing and interstitial velocities needs.

Mac Process delivers industrial air filtration solutions, which include dust collection, central vacuum systems and integrated explosion protection. Listed below are some types of systems Mac Process has designed for customers in the wood processing industry:

  • Plant controls systems upgrades
  • Plant dust control systems
  • Pneumatic transfer of wood chips and wood dust
  • Spark detection systems for upstream of dust filter
  • Patented dryer particulate emissions filtration process
  • Bulk storage systems for recycle and wood waste product

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