Headquarters pneumatic conveying TestCenter

Kansas City, MO TestCenterFeaturing a full range of equipment, carbon and stainless steel piping ranging from 125 ft. to 975 ft. in length, multiple tests can be run consecutively.

Ledge free couplings are used throughout the system for testing products with breakage concerns.

Sightglasses provide visual observation of the conveying techniques.

Schenck Process TestCenters Data Sheet

Testing capabilities

  • Small sample testing
  • Pressure dilute phase
  • Vacuum dilute phase
  • Continuous dense phase
  • Vacuum dense phase
  • Vessel dense phase
  • Low pressure continuous dense phase
  • Eductor
  • Loss-in-weight feeding

Other features

  • Basic material flow characteristic analysis
  • Modular system design for simple system changeover
  • Dust free testing environment
  • Full process controls package with interface and reporting
  • NFPA rated explosion protection equipment
  • Multiple air control methods

The lab is located just a few miles from Kansas City’s International Airport. It’s easily accessible and convenient to observe your own product testing, or other live demonstrations.

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