Testing contributes to efficient pneumatic conveying and dust collection system design

System Test CentersOur four state-of-the-art pneumatic conveying, dust collection and feeding TestCenter laboratories set up apart from our competitors. Our expert technicians test hundreds of conveyed materials and airborne particulates annually.

These tests have generated a vast database of material properties and performance data. Testing helps determine the most efficient technique and configuration for your specific application. Take advantage of this experience.


Testing leads to superior performance in pneumatic conveying and dust collection systems

Our TestCenters simulate real world conditions, so we can solve your pneumatic conveying or dust collection challenges.

Testing gives essential info for specifying equipment. It minimizes chances for failed applications, and makes for satisfied customers, referrals, and repeat business.

  • We can test systems for any size project
  • Small sample testing
  • Determine material handling characteristics
  • Particle size analysis
  • Bulk density measurement
  • Determine horizontal and vertical pickup velocities
  • Flow properties
  • Storage concerns

In addition to the standard equipment warranty, lab testing may let us offer expanded emissions and performance warranties. We encourage you to be present while your tests are run.

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Kansas City headquarters technologies:
Pressure Dilute Phase
Vacuum Dilute Phase
Continuous Dense Phase
Vacuum Dense Phase
Vessel Dense Phase
Low Pressure Continuous Dense Phase
Loss-In-Weight Feeding

KC features both carbon steel and stainless steel piping ranging from 125 ft. to 975 ft. in length. 
4” Sch10 convey pipe

Feed devices include: pressure vessels, standard airlocks, high pressure airlocks
Sight glasses provide visual observation of the conveying techniques.
Ledge free couplings test products with breakage concerns.