Sugar ProcessingA visit to sugar refineries around the world will quickly reveal the industry standardization of mechanical handling techniques, but it will also show the difficulty in maintaining these systems and the hazards that can be created. Mac Process provides producers and refiners of sugar with dense and dilute phase pnematic conveying, and dust collection solutions.

There are three concerns for sugar producers and refineries where mechanical conveying raises serious questions: safety, maintenance and compliance.

Safety  Sugar refiners are looking for alternatives for mechanical conveyors for their process and safety needs.

Maintenance  Mechanical Conveyance takes up plant space and requires hours of dedicated housekeeping and maintenance.

Compliance  OSHA has placed sugar handling in the high risk category and NFPA has adopted new regulations concerning explosion protection of sugar handling equipment.

Containment  Mechanical systems are open to the atmosphere, emitting dust and allowing contaminant ingress.

Listed below are some types of systems and processes Mac Process has designed for customers in the sugar industry.

  • Truck or Railcar loading, unloading & bulk storage systems
  • In-plant transfer systems
  • Sugar grinding systems
  • Granulated sugar and dextrose handling systems
  • Scaling systems for mixers
  • Plant controls systems upgrades
  • Plant dust control systems
  • Citric acid, maltodextrin, dextrose, sugar and starch handling for candy plants

Sugar Brochure

Solutions for the sugar industry

Mac Process provides producers and refiners of sugar with material handling and dust collection solutions. Mac Process specializes in pneumatic conveying and air filtration solutions that minimize safety concerns, decrease maintenance costs and reduce the emission of dust and harmful pollutants, while helping our customers improve productivity.

Technology Review

Dilute phase conveying
Generally used for milled sugar, where degradation of the sugar is not a concern.
Dense phase conveying
Industry standard used for many years by sugar users, such as drink mix producers, to convey granulated sugar with minimal degradation. Sugar producers and refineries are finding they can also use this method and achieve the safety and cleanliness required in their facilities.

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