Improve product quality, productivity, and profits.

Process ControlsThese days, it’s not enough to have control and process data solely on the plant floor. Integrating data and process control systems with plant-wide MES information systems such as SAP and Microsoft Dynamics deliver big benefits:


  • Protect brand
    • Improve consistency and finished product quality
    • Track and trace raw ingredients
    • Integrate with finished product distribution tracking systems
  • Reduce waste
    • Control energy usage
    • Schedule maintenance
    • Streamline training
    • Reduce operator error
    • Reduce support costs
    • Minimize maintenance and downtime
    • Simplify control modifications and troubleshooting
    • Reduce wasted material
  • Increase throughput
    • Monitor profitability
    • Manage recipes for faster changeovers.

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Top 5 Reaons to Work with Mac Process Controls

1. Engineers who understand process

Mac Process’s engineers aren’t just programmers, they are problem-solving engineers who understand plant processes and control system hardware and software.

2. No black boxes

Some vendors lock down and protect code to force you to go back to them for maintenance or upgrades. We deliver fully-documented program files to keep future system modifications or expansions easier in the long run.

3. Right-sized and focused on superior support

Our large team of controls engineers can quickly respond to your needs for ongoing support. A single point of contact will work with you to design and program your system. This same contact will be onsite during start-up and provide ongoing support.

4. Customized solutions to fit your process

Because we work with all standard control system software or hardware vendors— you’ll receive a custom solution that fits your process standards and specifications.

5. One stop supplier

As a fully integrated supplier, we can design, build, install, and support your system or project. Rigorous testing in our UL/CSA/CE certified panel shop decreases start up time and cost. We fine tune sequencing, timing, and other process variables to squeeze an extra measure of productivity out of your process.

We deliver:

  • Whole-plant systems or system upgrades
  • Hard-wired, relay-based controls
  • Complex multiprocessor PLC-based systems
  • Distributed I/O control systems
  • Multiple PC’s networked and linked to offices
  • Complete wiring schematics and documentation.

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