World’s fastest systems for weighing micro and minor ingredients

Weighing & Batching SystemBecause your process facility is unique, our expert engineers offer modular batch micro and minor ingredient weighing systems that can be stretched to meet your needs. We can solve the challenges of virtually any food, plastics, pharmaceutical, or chemical application.

  • Increase productivity
  • Improve changeover efficiency with accessible, cleanable components
  • Minimize contamination with enclosed systems
  • Access critical process reporting with fully integrated controls
  • Add stations to handle new recipes and materials

Speed and accuracy count. Our ultra-fast, multi-scale, gain in weight system design is based on your required scaling accuracy, number of ingredients, mix formulas and frequency of mix cycles.

  • Ingredients can be simultaneously or individually precision scaled.
  • Scaled ingredients can be transferred via pneumatics, gravity or mechanical delivery.
  • Ingredient use bins are sized based on usage and refill frequency: manual bag dump, drum dump, tote bins, super sack or pneumatic filling are all available.

Technology Review

Expert process controls

Mac Process has a full staff of engineers, designers and programmers to support your recipe management and data collection needs.

Using today’s most advanced process controls technology, our engineers can provide:

  • Seamless integration into existing control systems
  • Standalone PLCs or MCCs
  • Custom panel design solutions
  • Whole-plant systems
  • System upgrades

Save production time, labor, operating expense and wasted material.

Easily report on critical process control statistics with process controls integrated into your warehouse management software systems. Our engineers can even develop specialized databases and inventory control programs.

Automated control systems for most popular brands of PLCs

  • Easily networked to PCs, OITs and MMIs
  • Rigorous quality control procedures and extensive simulation testing
  • Operator manual provided with control systems
  • Long-term remote support provided via modem
  • Structured, state-logic programming style simplifies control medications and troubleshooting
  • You get the source code, no “black box” for upgrades/modifications to support your growing business

We make everything:

  • Hard-wired, relay-based controls
  • Complex multiprocessor PLC-based systems
  • Distributed I/O control systems

What can we do for you today?