Pneumatic injection for granular, pulverized & powdered materials

Pneumatic Injection SystemProducers across process industries are continually striving to accomplish high material injection rates and superior injection accuracy.

Now, you can improve productivity rates and system reliability, availability and performance with Mac Process pneumatic injection solutions.




  • Consistent, steady, controlled and smooth feed of powdered or granular materials against back pressures of 300 psig or more
  • Injection rates of over 150 tph and an injection accuracy of +/- 2% by volume or +/- 0.5% by weight.
  • Adjustable injection rates control your process needs
  • Superior production performance

Technology Review

Spheri Valve

More than 20,000 Spheri Valves have been sold worldwide for applications across a range of industries, including: food, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, plastics, minerals, power, iron and steel. With a global reputation for reliability, the Spheri has a simple robust design and only one moving part.

Simple in design and low in maintenance, this high performance valve is used throughout a wide range of industries in the following applications:

  • Double dump valve applications
  • Material flow control applications
  • Diverting valves in pneumatic conveying lines

The Spheri is “fit and forget” reliable — you’ll enjoy up to 1,000,000 cycles between major overhauls with most materials.
Spheri Valve Data Sheet


Mac Process’s high pressure volumetric Rotofeed has been used in abrasive materials systems:

  • Inject copper concentrate into bath smelters, converters or furnaces
  • Inject pulverized or granular coal into blast furnaces
  • Inject carbon and lime into Electric Arc Furnace’s
  • Inject pulverized fly ash into a cement kiln

RotoFeeds are used for fine fluidizeable materials through granulars to 3/8”. Accuracy is unaffected by reducing material level in the inject vessel, or by variations in material size.

RotoFeeds are shop built to the greatest extent possible for transport to site, for faster and easier installation. Feeder components are also available with a variety of coatings to enhance product release as well as further enhance wear life.”
RotoFeed Batch Data Sheet


The RotoScrew is Mac Process’ injection solution for very abrasive, coarse granular and lump materials.

A feeder screw, the RotoScrew drives material through a pipeline and into process. The RotoScrew has been used to inject materials such as granular limestone, iron ore, millscale, electronic scrap and singles coal.

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