Expert pneumatic convey systems with properly sized quality components

Pneumatic System PartsSolving your toughest material handling challenges requires an experienced partner you can count on.

When you select Mac Process fully engineered pneumatic conveying systems, you’re working with the broadest range of options in the industry. We can work without product line limitations or bias to handle all aspects of your pneumatic convey needs:

  • Bulk unloading
  • Storage
  • Weighing
  • Processing
  • Packaging and shipping

We’re experts on material handling systems. Count on Mac Process to properly size airlocks and blowers to reduce air leaks, decrease energy costs, and ensure proper convey pressures and rates — guaranteed.

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Airlocks and Valves Brochure

Line routing is critical for success. We’ll help you get the most out of your facility, and protect your product and equipment.

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Mac Process airlocks are the workhorse of the industry. Durable and value-conscious, our complete line of airlocks are precision-crafted at extremely close tolerances to:

  • Eliminate dusting
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Avoid process shutdowns


Air is a critical convey system success factor. Mac Process experts create the ideal conditions for your pneumatic needs—whether you need pressurized air or vacuum pressure. Offering both table top and skid mounted packages, Mac Process engineered blower packages deliver ideal conditions.

Diverter valves

Our clean air diverters and valves provide superior performance. Mac Process experts can help you select the right valve for your product, process and usage to solve common problems and deliver uncommon value.

Receivers and storage options

Separation efficiency and performance reliability determines the separation device incorporated into system design. A complete line of cyclones is available for intermediate storage, containment and scaling of products. Storage options from work tanks, and scale hoppers to bag dump stations are all available to meet production requirements.

  • Work bins with capacities ranging up to 1000 cu. ft
  • Scale hoppers with capacities up to 140 cu. ft
  • Storage silos
  • Non-standard and custom hoppers are available to fulfill the needs of custom design requirements.

Bag dump hoppers are available with integral filters and fans, or with dust hoods for aspiration of airborne dust to a remote or central filter.

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