Easier changeovers with versatile, constant flow

Dilute Phase Pneumatic ConveyingMac Process experts can select the right system for your product. We’ve moved thousands of different materials, using all types of convey technology.

To gain positive results:

  • Evaluate process needs before final system is selected
  • Lab testing of the product properties may be required.

Dilute phase pneumatic conveying systems meter solid products for suspension in a moving air stream. Most materials can be conveyed using dilute phase.

Changeovers are simplified, because a fixed dilute line size can convey different rates of product. Simple control schemes manage your dilute phase processes.

Products commonly conveyed in dilute phase systems include flours, resins and compounds, specialty chemicals, ground feeds, and granular and pelletized products.

Pressure, vacuum, combination vacuum/pressure and vacuum sequencing are the common types of dilute phase systems.

Technology Review

Pressure dilute phase
  • Increased process efficiency
  • Easy to go from single source to multiple destinations
  • Low head height at source
  • Can convey directly into silos/bins
Vacuum dilute phase
  • Cleaner, any leaks are in and no airlock blow-by at pickup point
  • Feed airlock helps control line loading
  • Easy to go from single source to multiple destinations
  • Low head height at source
Vacuum/Pressure dilute phase combination
  • Combines advantages of both pressure and vacuum systems
  • Can convey long distances
Closed loop systems
  • Used for special materials: oxygen sensitive, explosive, hydroscopic
PD trucks and railcars
  • Line size and air by-pass arrangement fitted to rate and distance
  • Unload rate proportional to distance
  • Flow of product is metered by valving on the truck/railcar
Negative airlift systems
  • Large line sizes
  • Very low material to air ratio
  • Low operating pressures
  • Motive airflow provided by fans
  • Used to sweep hammer mills or lift material off of extruders

Testing provides the best solutions

Testing your product demonstrates the proper convey technique and system configuration. Visit the Kansas City pneumatics TestCenter to see your test in action.