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Dense Phase Pneumatic ConveyingDense phase pneumatic conveying systems operate below the minimum suspension velocity and are characterized by product moving along the bottom of the pipe in slugs or a moving bed.

Common applications for dense phase systems include:

  • Products with heavy bulk-densities
  • Abrasive products, such as sugar
  • Friable products, such as pet food post-extruder and carbon black prills
  • Blended products, such as detergents
  • Products that do not require continuous delivery to their destination, such as plastic pellets

Mac Process experts can select the right pressure or vacuum dense phase convey system for your product. Evaluation of process needs prior to final system selection ensure positive results. Lab testing of the product properties may be required.

Testing provides the best solutions

By testing your product, we can demonstrate the proper conveying techniques and system configuration. Visit the Kansas City Pneumatics TestCenter to see your test in action.

Technology Review

CDPContinuous dense phase conveying systems (CDP™)
For overall efficiency, consistence and gentle product handling, nothing comes close to matching Continuous Dense Phase. The Mac Process CDP System redefines dense phase performance. Compared to conventional systems, it offers a host of money-saving advantages:

  • True continuous feed
  • Reduced air consumption requirements
  • Smaller-diameter conveying lines
  • Space-saving design
  • Lower operating costs
  • Dramatically reduced product degradation
E-finity™ low pressure CDP conveying system
Mac Process patented E-finity low-Pressure CDP systems provide unmatched gentle handling for fragile food products. E-finity is the only pneumatic system that can successfully convey many friable processed foods in their intermediate and final stages without loss of product integrity.
E-finity Data Sheet

Over a decade of research has gone into developing our E-finity system. Benefits:

  • Saves energy and money
  • Takes up less space than mechanical conveyors and pressure vessels
Vacuum dense phase
Mac Process Vacuum Dense Phase (VDP) systems offer end users the flexibility of a vacuum system with the product protection properties of a dense phase conveying system. Using high vacuum pumps and special feeding mechanisms, moving slugs of material are formed and conveyed at sub-atmospheric pressures.


  • Minimized pipe friction
  • Maximum protection
  • Simple operation
  • Reduced horsepower
  • Minimal capital investment
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Can be automated in either batch or continuous operation

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