Pneumatic conveying, weighing, feeding and dust collection for the nut industry

Nuts Processing

Pneumatic conveying is the most sanitary methods of conveying bulk materials within process industries.

  • Minimize operating costs
  • Reduce costs from impact-related damage to nuts
  • Increase cash flow

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Technology Review

E-finity Low pressure continuous dense phase systems

The E-finity achieves the lowest product breakage in the industry, without increasing degradation and with energy efficiency. The E-finity also has the lowest horsepower of any pneumatic system on the market.

E-finity Data Sheet

Continuous dense phase technology offers the following benefits for the material handling of almonds:

  • Lowest product breakage/degradation
  • Ability to operate multiple systems off of a single air source
  • Continuous operation allows use with other continuous processing
  • Reduced control pressure resulting in optimum energy savings
  • Simplified air controls for ease of operations
  • Comprised of Mac Process manufactured components
  • Available with either vacuum or pressure modulation options
Vacuum modulating air control (VMAC)

VMAC uses specially-designed air controls that automatically correct conditions based on vacuum levels. This ensures proper operation at the highest efficiency level possible.

Other vacuum dense phase products use static air settings, or pre-set timers to control the conditions. This leaves the system vulnerable to minor changes in product or flow, and decreases efficiency.

VMAC is also designed to work with dry vacuum pumps, eliminating the maintenance issues associated with common oil flooded vacuum pump.

Proven VMAC applications:

  • Truck/railcar unloading
  • In-plant transfers
  • Hopper loading
  • Batch ingredient handling
MCF PowerSaver Patented, superior cleaning performance with major energy savings

Save up to 50% of your energy costs over conventional high pressure pulse jet or reverse jet air cleaning systems.
Ground Breaking Design

  • Patent #7,494,521
  • Capacities range to over 250,000 CFM
  • Cleans for about one-third the cost
  • Runs on medium pressure air (7-9 psig)
  • Requires less horsepower than any other bag filter in the industry
  • Tangential inlet design allows you to avoid costly wear related repairs

MCF Filter Data Sheet

TestCenter We prove your system before we install it
Mac Process’ three state-of-the-art TestCenters can test materials and prove systems before any steel is cut or equipment is installed. Featuring a particle emissions test machine, we analyze results of using varying air-to-cloth ratios and grain loading with different configurations to build the most cost and energy efficient dust collectors for your applications.

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