Pneumatic conveying and dust collection solutions for the mining industry

Dust Collection for Mining ProcessingWhen you’re delivering heavy throughput with a lot of transfer points and large cross-sectional openings of equipment—you’re also producing high volumes of dust. Your operation is guided by your obligation compliance to robust air quality and safety requirements, and you actively look for ways to: reduce air pollutants, make your work environment safer, and remain compliant with EPA, MSHA and OSHA requirements.

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From primary crush to furnace smelting and slag reclaim—when it comes to dust control and handling highly abrasive materials—you require dependable, durable equipment designed for mining. Mac Process delivers industrial air filtration solutions, which include dust collection, central vacuum systems and integrated explosion protection. Our energy-efficient, low maintenance solutions for manufacturing processes, including: mineral production, refining or blending and compounding finished product.
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Technology Review

Dense phase pneumatic convey
  • Low velocity conveying is ideal for abrasive material
  • Ideal for high capacity and long distance conveying requirements
  • Robust design and construction
  • Reduced maintenance costs

Dilute phase pneumatic convey

  • Systems are simple in scope and operation
  • Dependable, proven technology
  • Continuous throughput
  • Small footprint requirements

Spheri valve

Ingenious design designed for low maintenance, this high performance, rugged valve is used for:

  • Double dump valve applications
  • Material flow control applications
  • Diverting valves in pneumatic conveying lines

Spheri Valve Data Sheet

Mac Process air filtration technologies

With an array of dust collectors that include pulse jet, reverse air, medium-pressure controlled cleaning, cartridge and HEPA systems, Mac Process can properly identify and solve virtually all industrial air pollution problems. Create an emission and dust free operation, benefiting production processes and improving the environment.  It is important that mineral handling facilities employ dust collection systems that are:

  • Custom-designed per plant specifications
  • Meet or exceed MSHA, OSHA & NFPA68 expectations
  • Specifically designed to be low maintenance
  • Limit emissions

The MCF PowerSaver is a sustainable, low maintenance air filtration solution which operates with low pressure cleaning air (7-9 psig). It consumes less horsepower than any other bag filter and requires no integrated plant compressed air. Providing unrivaled cleaning capacities (up to 250,000 CFM), the MCF PowerSaver can handle challenging environments such as operation in high temperatures (over 500⁰F).

MCF Filter Data Sheet

Central vacuum system

Housekeeping must be a part of any good dust collection plan or design. Central Vacuum Systems are an effective way to clean industrial environments:

  • Minimize re-contamination
  • Minimize labor cost of housekeeping

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