Title Product Development Engineer
Categories Kansas City, MO
Start Date 2013-06-24
Location Kansas City, MO
Job Information

The Product Development Engineer is responsible for translating customer and sales requirements into engineering and manufacturing related specification in the development of new products and updates or redesign of existing products. Essential Functions:

-       Creation and maintenance of standard product design information including engineering drawings, bills of materials, product specifications, design documentation, costing reports, etc.

-       Plan and execute new product development projects through the use of company Phase Gate process.  This design process will include a wide variety of tasks including creation and maintenance of budgets, maintaining schedules, executing prototype development, and facilitating internal design reviews.

-       Creation and maintenance of company engineering specifications related to in-house processes, product quality requirements, etc. based on customer requirements.

-       Act as company knowledge center for a minimum of one industry standard (i.e. OSHA, NFPA, CE, etc.).  Responsibility will include expertise in the industry standard(s), application of the standard requirements to company products and processes.

-       Resolve internal technical questions from sales, engineering, manufacturing, and sister company locations in a timely and accurate manor.

Bachelor of Science degree in engineering, preferably Mechanical Engineering or equivalent experience. 5+ years mechanical design with strong background in equipment design and manufacturing techniques such as machining, pattern creation, welding and metal finishing.  Experience in pneumatic conveying or air pollution control principles a plus.

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