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Carbon black prills are very friable, and require gentle handling to eliminate voids of carbon black powder during mixing. These voids render the batch unacceptable for the next step of the tire production process.

Particular attention needs to be paid to convey system design throughout the delivery and transfer process. Since carbon black is delivered in bottom discharge railcars, the challenge is getting the material off the railcars and delivered to the silos with minimum breakage.  Pneumatic conveying is the simplest and most cost effective method of doing this.

However, conventional dilute phase (lean phase) systems will degrade the material beyond the point of acceptance by the processor. A preferred method is to use dense phase conveying utilizing a pressure vessel or transporter. Since conventional dense phase transporters are filled by gravity, this would require the installation of a pit underneath the railroad tracks. This type of installation is costly and underground pits are water- and debris-gathering points, making maintenance of the equipment difficult.

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Mac Process is able to overcome this problem by the utilization of dense phase vacuum unloading of the railcar. This vacuum dense phase process moves the carbon black prills at a velocity that minimizes damage to the prills.

The vacuum dense phase system off loads carbon black to a filter receiver positioned above a dense phase transport vessel. When full, the filter receiver discharges the accumulated carbon black into the dense phase vessel. The dense phase transport vessel would then transfer the material to the storage silo. This method would eliminate the costly and undesirable under track pit and all conveying equipment would be above grade for easy access.

The combination of vacuum and pressure dense phase conveying provides the gentle handling of the carbon black prills that is required for the rubber making process.

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