Pneumatic conveying and dust collection solutions for baking

Pneumatic conveying system for the baking industry

Working with Mac Process can help you increase productivity and flexibility while lowering cost per unit.

We’ve been protecting the world’s largest brands since 1969, and we understand that producing the highest quality product is top of your mind.

Your processing system must minimize product degradation and eliminate inefficiencies, while ensuring product safety and sanitation. Process upgrades would increase your label claim accuracy. But how quickly can you turn upgrades around and see a return on your invesment?

Challenging new requirements for inspections and cleanability are driving the need for system upgrades. Your process is unique, and customized systems are preferable to a one-size-fits-all solution. Any upgrade should lead to safer, cleaner processes that reduce waste and deliver significant cost and energy savings. After all, your brand reputation is on the line.

Listed below are some types of systems and processes Mac ProcessĀ has designed for customers in theĀ baking industry:

  • Truck or Railcar loading, unloading & bulk storage systems
  • In-plant transfer systems for major, minor and micro ingredients
  • Minor & micro ingredient scaling systems
  • Continuous dense phase transfer of finished products
  • Dough mixer dust control systems
  • Sugar grinding systems
  • Granulated sugar and dextrose handling systems
  • Scaling systems for mixers
  • Plant controls systems upgrades
  • Plant dust control systems
  • Flour sifting, storage and mixer transfer systems
  • Closed loop N2 and CO2 systems
  • Corn meal storage and transfer to extrusion
  • Flour drying convey systems
  • Pasta trim and reclaim transfer systems

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