Industrial Dust Collection SystemsWith filtration systems that offer up to 99.9% efficiency, performance guarantees, 50% energy cost savings, reduced compressed air requirements and more, Mac Process can provide a cost cutting solution to your air quality or dust collection challenge. Mac Process delivers industrial air filtration solutions, which include dust collection, central vacuum systems and integrated explosion protection.

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Filtration Capabilities
Particle analysis at our state-of-the-art filtration testing facility is the key to achieving optimal collection. Once our engineers have the test results, they can design and build the best filtration system.

Technology Review

MCFPowerSaver™ Designed green. Built strong.
Patented Industrial Dust CollectorThe MCF PowerSaver is a sustainable, low maintenance air filtration solution which operates with low pressure cleaning air (7-9 psig). It consumes less horsepower than any other bag filter and requires no integrated plant compressed air. Providing unrivaled cleaning capacities (up to 250,000 CFM), the MCF PowerSaver can handle challenging environments such as operation in high temperatures (over 500⁰F) or in cold climates.

SpaceSaver™ Compact design + efficient performance
Patented SpaceSaver Dust CollectorThe biggest improvement in dust collection is also the smallest. The SpaceSaver is up to 75% smaller than traditional baghouse collectors, freeing up valuable space and allowing a fit in tight spots. Less expensive to ship and install, the SpaceSaver uses one-piece, easy maintenance cartridges which trap dust more effectively. SpaceSaver dust collectors use less energy and come with an emissions guarantee.

SpaceSaver Data Sheet

Pulse jet filters For tough industrial applications
Pulse Jet Dust CollectorWhether you need a single collector or an entire plant system, Pulse Jet Filters provide heavy duty filtration for grain and food processing. Electronically timed pulses of compressed air dislodge particles, ensuring a long service life and minimal maintenance.

Pulse Jet Line Card

Mac2Flo The most efficient cartridge dust collector on the market
Mac2Flo Industrial Dust CollectorThe Mac2Flo has large square footage of media per cartridge allowing for increased air flow with no increase in pressure drop. Dust-laden air enters the top of the filter, which provides a true downward airflow resulting in increased cleaning efficiency.

  • Modular design
  • Tool-free cartridge removal
  • Reduced compressed air requirements
  • Interchangeable components
  • Wide selection of media

Mac2Flo Filter Data Sheet

SEntry cartridge filters Cleanable design for low headroom
SEntry Dust Collector
The SEntry is a cartridge filter that is ideally suited for pressure and vacuum applications requiring low headroom for quick, easy access, inspection and cleaning which eliminates many safety issues.

  • Side entry
  • Tool-free cartridge removal
  • Quick filter access
  • Washable cartridges can be sanitized

SEntry Data Sheet

Cyclones Product separation and filtration
Industrial Dust Collection CycloneThe primary function of a cyclone is to separate product from a gas stream. After separation, the product discharges out the bottom of the cyclone and air discharges through the top exhaust.Each cyclone system is designed and manufactured to meet the unique efficiency needs of your application.

  • Up to 99.99% efficiency
  • High temperature
  • No moving parts
  • No maintenance

Cyclone Data Sheet

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