Baghouse services from an industry expert in dust collection

Industrial Baghouse Services“It was very easy to work with Mac Process for baghouse services. Everything went really smoothly and we are in compliance with EPA standards. And if things start to go wrong, we’ll just call you guys to take care of it.”

John Connelly, Branch Manager, Glacial Plains Cooperative

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Who better than a major baghouse supplier to provide baghouse services?

Filtration Capabilities
Let Mac Process handle your baghouse maintenance and repair – we’ve been designing, engineering, manufacturing, and installing dust collection systems for over 40 years. Mac Process delivers industrial air filtration solutions, which include dust collection, central vacuum systems and integrated explosion protection.

We’ll help you manage regulatory changes
Because compliance fines for national air quality standards can run into six figures, you need a way to protect yourself against audits. Compliance reports from Mac Process are an easy way to protect your business. An inspection report on file and plans underway to correct errors will buy you time.

We offer:

  • Analysis and inspections that give a qualified look at your complete baghouse system — both internal and external—fans, and ductwork.
  • Evaluation of performance and airflow, emissions review and filter media.

We can also help you retrofit Mac filters with updated explosion panels. Even if your existing Mac filter doesn’t have explosion panels, we can help you get up to NFPA 68 code. Give our experts a call at +1-800-821-2476 to start the process.

Baghouse Services – Leak Free. Mechanically Correct. Guaranteed.

Baghouse Services Brochure
From one small bin vent to multiple baghouse dust collection systems, we handle inspections, bag changes, repairs, installations both new & used, flow studies, conversions and more for any size dust collector or brand.

Skilled technicians are certified in MSHA, confined space, rigging, fork & scissor lifts and first aid.

We can deliver extensive know-how to solve your toughest challenges. A staff of 100 engineers can review tough applications and provide recommendations. Our state-of-the-art Filtration TestCenter can ensure the proper selection of media.

Benefits of Mac Process Baghouse Services program

  • Extended life of bags
  • Lower emissions
  • Reduced downtime
  • Reduced in-house maintenance costs
  • Improved plant sanitation and employee satisfaction
  • Minimized plant liability
  • Reduced operational costs
  • Reduced spare parts inventory

Baghouse Services Capabilities & Client Programs

Initial Analysis / Continuous Compliance Inspection (CCI):

  • We conduct analysis and inspections, both internal and external of the baghouse, fans and duct work.


  • Evaluate performance & airflow
  • Review emissions
  • Filter media recommendations

Fitness Check/Inspection Programs

  • Quarterly/Annual
  • Actual versus base-line performance
  • Mechanical check-ups
  • Comprehensive reports
  • Punch List

On-site Training Programs

  • Baghouse maintenance training
  • Troubleshooting

Baghouse Repair & Upgrades:


  • Replace/upgrade filter bags, cartridges, cages, etc. to repair baghouse
  • Bring baghouse to a mechanically correct and leak free condition
  • Replace timers, solenoids, diaphragms and other parts
  • Warranty the baghouse to be leak free


  • Upgrade current system with more efficient technology
  • Realize full potential of system

Ongoing / Periodic Scheduled Maintenance:


  • Monthly/quarterly/annual maintenance schedules are available
  • Flexible to meet your needs, operation and scheduling

Did You Know?
Mac Process experts can also rebuild your airlocks and diverter valves. Valve Rebuild Program Flyer

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