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Experts in pneumatic conveying, air filtration and dust collection

These days virtually every sector of industry requires precise accuracies in bulk material handling, pneumatic conveying, dust collection and air filtration.

Capital equipment decisions must balance value with quality in order to maintain brand integrity and profitability. Mac Process high-efficiency pneumatic conveying, air filtration and dust collection solutions keep:

  • People and products safer
  • Facilities and systems greener
  • Operations more profitable.

Consider us your partner

Our engineers work with you to understand your unique business, then apply deep knowledge of material handling and dust collection to solve your process challenges. We work hand-in-hand as your long-term partner to protect your brand.

Best of all? Mac Process patented technology delivers serious business benefits:

Grow top line sales:

  • Ensure efficient process flow to increase output
  • Optimize plant layout with space-saving and low head-height designs

Reduce bottom line operating costs:

  • Lower power consumption
  • Reduce maintenance needs

Protect your brand and your profits:

  • Dramatically reduce product degradation
  • Eliminate contamination with cleanable system components

Key information

  • 530 employees
  • World renowned material testing facilities for pneumatic conveying, dust collection and feeding systems
  • Extensive aftermarket parts inventory, field installation and service engineers
  • Global project management team
  • ISO9001 certified
  • Full U.S.-based manufacturing and design facilities

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What can we do for you today?